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  • Cardiac Board:   Also called a CPR board or cardiac assist board for putting on a cart or having in a patient area.
  • Pediatric Hand Positioner: This acrylic paddle helps pediatric medical professionals properly position infants and toddlers’ hands during x-rays so they don’t end up with distorted, unclear, or obscured x-ray images.
  • Water Recycle Tanks: We manufacture water tanks for the Cascade water recycle system, which recycles wash water from various pieces of equipment. The water recycling system is helpful in areas that restrict water discharge. 

CPR Board

A Cardiac Board also called a CPR Board is among other safety equipment for cardiac care that may be found on crash carts, code carts, in ambulances, private homes, nursing facilities, campuses, universities, gyms, hotels & motels, doctor & dentist offices, hospitals, clinics. Sometimes called a Cardiac Board, a CPR board or cardiac assist board. It is a flat hospital grade, rigid plastic backboards that aid in the administration of CPR by helping to create a flat rigid surface on which CPR can be performed. Used in emergency response situations, a person must be on a firm flat surface for chest compression. (a CPR Board, or chest compression board).

The standard size hospital grade CPR Board (MF/CPR) is priced at $68 and the large CPR Board (MF/CPR-B) is priced at $110.
Both are in stock and available for free shipping in the Continental USA.

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We can supply you with the cardiac boards in standard or bariatric (large) sizes for creating a surface for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 

Crash Cart Hospital Grade CPR Board

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Rigid Plastic Backboard Roach, MO Hospital Grade Cardiac Board

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Cardiac Boards are rigid plastic backboards used for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly called a CPR Board. Typically you will find one on a crash cart. It is a flat plastic board measuring approximately 17" x 23" to 18" x 24", with or without thumb holes or hand slots. A "crash cart" is a cart which contains equipment that is used to perform resuscitation on an individual who is in distress, including respiratory distress. The equipment commonly found on a crash cart includes (but not limited to): a suction machine used to clear a resident's airway when it is obstructed; an Ambu-Bag and a mask used to administer artificial respiration to a person who is in respiratory distress and a CPR board also called a cardiac backboard, used to provide a flat and hard surface beneath a person who requires chest compressions to pump blood through his or her circulatory system.

A CPR Board may be among the standard safety items that are recommended to have on site for use in cardiac compression and artificial respiration. Some regulatory requirements for facility locations include they shall be required to have a (CPR) board suitable for CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation). Each facility will need to determine what their own requirements & guidelines are. Facilities requiring a CPR Board include physician and dentist offices, gyms, swimming pools, nursing homes, and elderly care facilities, ambulances and EMT vehicles, clinics and hospitals, for use on crash carts as well as in emergency rooms. For many Dental Facilities, emergency supplies required include a CPR board be available as CPR cannot be performed in the dental chair without a rigid surface for cardiac compression support. Part # MF/CPR is the standard 18" x 23" cardiac board that is commonly found in ER & as standard equipment on Med Carts (Crash Carts). The part # MF-CPR-B is a larger version of the same board------23" x 31".

Pediatric Hand Positioner

Nurse in Blue

Pediatric Hand Positioner for getting the x-ray you need. This clear acrylic paddle-shaped positioner is designed to help hold the hand flat during the exam. When trying to get a clean clear x-ray image of a baby's hand the fingers of the person helping often end up in the x-ray. The Hand Positioner is a spatula-shaped hand immobilizer that enables the radiology technicians, nurses and parents to hold an infant or toddler hand still.

One of the most critical aspects of the imaging procedure is the proper positioning of the patient. This can have significant impacts on the accuracy of the x-rays, even minor shifts in positioning can have detrimental effects. This is particularly difficult with children. Even as parents, aides, & nurses try and help keep kids still during the procedure the results are often blurred or incorrect. Technicians often get part of the hand of the helper in the picture or the child has moved before you can hit the button, resulting in time lost along with higher costs. A Pediatric hand positioner should be among the imaging supplies that will help you accomplish clear reliable images easier. Made of clear plastic you will be able to create the most favorable condition by having someone use a positioning device to hold a child’s hand or foot stationery for the moment it takes to get that image.

Hand Positioner
Hand Positioner
Hand Positioner
Hand Positioner

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Wash Water Recycle Tanks

WRS Water Recycle Systems are designed specifically for recycling wash water from pressure washers and similar washing operations. These systems operate automatically and utilize reagents to produce clear and odor-free water used for your pressure washer for washing your equipment. The water recycle systems are used for solving your wash water requirements where restricted water discharge is required.

We Proudly Manufacture the Water Tank for Cascade WRS

Water Recycle Systems Roach, MO

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Sheet Material

3/8" Black Polypropylene Plastic Sheet--48" x 96" 4 Sheets on Pallet
3/4" Black Polypropylene Plastic Sheet--48" x 96" 4 Sheets on Pallet

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Sheet Material

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