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Sturdy CPR Board

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Sturdy CPR Board and Plastic
Backboards for Crash Carts

Lifesaving Accessories for Health Care Centers

When someone's life is at risk, every second counts. Providing emergency care for a bedridden patient can present a challenge, and you need the proper tools. RM Plastics, Inc. of Roach, Missouri, makes durable CPR boards in regular and large sizes. If someone needs help, their bed is a difficult place for resuscitation. CPR boards help medical staff save patients during critical moments, and our products are in use across the country by hospitals, clinics, specialized care centers, and anywhere emergency help is likely to be needed.


Provide the Highest Standard of Care to Your Patients

Whether you’re an EMT, triage nurse, emergency doctor, or any other type of medical professional or caregiver, your top goal should always be to provide your patients with the highest standard of care. By keeping plastic backboards on-hand, you’re always ready in the event of an emergency requiring CPR. When a patient is in their bed, lying on a couch, or on some other soft or uneven surface, it becomes very difficult to properly perform CPR and resuscitate them. Because a hard, level surface is required to perform chest compressions, an emergency care resuscitation board is a vital feature in any medical clinic or emergency care setting. They are easy to slide beneath immobile or unconscious patients and are lightweight enough to carry around or attach to carts and bedsides.

In addition to providing a sturdy, level surface for CPR, our medical emergency boards are made of easy-to-clean, hospital-grade polypropylene plastic. All our products are made with top-quality materials like acrylic or polypropylene, from our CPR boards to our forensic swab holders.

We have more than 35 years of experience in the custom fabrication of many other products and proudly serve satisfied customers across the United States and Canada.

A Cardiac Board, Commonly Called a CPR Board

Count on RM Plastics, Inc. for Convenient Medical Tool and Medical Accessories for cardiac care. Based in Roach, Missouri, we fabricate these plastic backboards for hospitals and medical facilities. The cardiac boards can be used to help save lives at any location including:

• Ambulances
• Motels
• Clinics
• Nursing Facilities
• Doctor Offices
• Gyms
• Campuses
• Private Homes
• Universities
• Dentist Offices
• Hospitals
• Hotels

Two CPR Boards Standard and Large
Purchase a sturdy plastic CPR board in one of two sizes.

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Crash Cart Cardiac Board
Make sure your crash carts are stocked with our CPR boards.

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Hospital Grade CPR Board
Our CPR Boards are available for purchase in our store.

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Rigid Plastic CPR Board

Rigid Plastic Backboard

CPR Board also called a Rigid Plastic Backboard or Cardiac Board. The CPR Board is ideal for the administration of chest compressions by providing a firm surface. A CPR Board is an innovative safety tool for cardiac care that is used on crash carts. Sometimes called a cardiac board, a CPR board aids in the administration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation by creating a flat, rigid surface to use under the person in need of care. These are for emergency response situations, as a person must be on a firm flat surface for chest compressions.


Helping With Medical Emergencies

This device is placed under a patient to instantly give the necessary support required for the application of CPR. This device is typically suitable for use when an acute situation has arisen, and the patient is lying in their bed. Pricing is as follows:

• $68 Each for the Standard 18" x 23" x 3/8" CPR Board, Part Number MF/CPR
• $110 Each for the Large 23" x 31" x 3/8" CPR Board, Part Number MF/CPR-B*
*Part Number MF/CPR-B is a Bariatric size

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Board, cardiac compression: A flat, rigid device that is placed under a patient to instantly give the necessary support required for the application of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Description names include cardiac board, backboard, CPR board, CPR backboard. This device is typically suitable for use when an acute situation has arisen, and the patient is lying in his/her bed.


Backboard PlacementHS Code 3926 9039 • Product Code HSAMDX00209 #5207-0, AKA B0015TGO71 • Part # 680406, MC 301, 3000-999-054, 6530014649847

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